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Black History Month 

February is Black History Month, a celebration of the contributions and accomplishments of Black Americans to society and culture. This year’s theme is Black Resistance: How the movement shaped Black representation, diversity, and identity.

 In honor of Black History Month, each week, we will follow this theme as presented by the National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC) with 5 sub-topics related to this year’s theme.  It's an opportunity to understand Black stories, and to spotlight those who have made a difference in our culture and history. We hope that you will enjoy the topic(s) each week. 


Additionally, we are inviting Wilde Lake High School students to submit a response (Short Essay, drawing, poem, etc.)

“Anything you would like to share regarding Black Resistance.”

It can be related to the weekly sub-topics or anything else about Black Resistance or something interesting you learned through exploring the NMAAHC website that you want to write or reflect about. Entries are due by Saturday March 4th 6PM via email to

Five student contest winners will receive a $50 visa gift card.   


To follow along each week as we send out a weekly email with content from National Museum of African American History and Culture (NMAAHC ); you can also follow along on PTSA website:


 Overview of Black History Month 2023, Message from NMAAHC:


Black Resistance: A Journey to Equality

When Carter G. Woodson established Negro History week in 1926, he realized the importance of providing a theme to focus the attention of the public. In support of this year's theme, Black Resistance, our museum shares key stories to celebrate how African Americans worked collectively to serve and strengthen their communities, often "Making A Way Out of No Way." By resisting, African Americans continue to mobilize resources and shape social movements to create a space for Black Americans to thrive. We invite everyone to join us in exploring the histories of Black freedom movements—from slavery and abolition to other ongoing struggles for civil and human rights.  


Week 1 - A Tradition of Activism

Throughout history, African Americans have taken action to improve their lives and challenge America to live up to its democratic ideals. Working both within and across racial lines, Black activists mobilized to abolish slavery, secure civil rights, fight against injustice, and expand social and economic opportunities. African Americans employed a range of strategies to effect change—including legal battles, mass protests, grassroots campaigns, public debates, and community development. By believing that change was possible, Black Americans changed history. Activists today draw on these achievements and study the lessons of the past in order to develop strategies for the future.

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