To renew your PTSA membership or to join for the first time, simply…
1. Download the PTSA membership form, and send it back to the school office either via your student(s), or U.S. Mail (perhaps more reliable?). The school’s postal address is: 5460 Trumpeter Road, Columbia, MD 20144
2. Pay your membership fee online with a credit card, or attach a personal check to your PTSA form when you send it.

We need EVERY dedicated and talented parent (like you) working with staff to make our school great. If everyone joins, it means that no one person has to do a lot. So send in your form today!

Membership Categories for the Wilde Lake HS PTSA:

$100 Gold Family/Business Membership Gold members receive two t-shirts
$50 Green Family Membership
(4 or more family members)
Green members receive a t-shirt
$25 1 Parent/Guardian + 1 Student Member Additional students can be added for $10
$20 1 Parent/Guardian Member
$15 WLHS Teacher/Staff Member $10 to Teacher Fund
$10 WLHS Student Member $4 to Class Fund
$10 Limited Income Parent/Guardian Membership

T-shirts and mugs can be purchased separately with regular memberships, if desired. See our PTSA form for details.

Pay your membership fee online with a credit card.

If you have questions, please email